Max Vs The World: A Documentary Film


Inspired by the world-first trek, 'Max Vs The World' tells the incredible true story of Max Stainton's journey to conquer Everest.

Over the course of a feature length documentary, we see the challenges and obstacles that Max has had to overcome throughout his life as a disabled man, and how his simple request to be treated as an equal led him to build a team, fly 6,000 miles and put himself in danger to become the first disabled person to ride to Everest Base Camp on horseback.

With over 50 hours of unique Everest footage and intimate recordings of Max's early life, our aim is to create an engaging and entertaining film that challenges people's perception of disability across the world.

Director: Carl Reason

Producers: Sandra Spethmann, Jake Heyes, Max Stainton

DoP: James Stittle

Currently in the final stages of production, we are seeking funding so that we can begin the edit. To help support the project and amplify Max’s voice, please get in touch!