RDA helps disabled people access the benefits of riding. We want to help more people access those benefits. 


Our Mission

In Spring 2018, Max and his team will attempt to reach Everest Base Camp to raise funds for the Riding for the Disabled Association. RDA UK is a national charity that helps people of all ages and disabilities access the therapeutic and social benefits of horses. Max, who has Cerebral Palsy, relies on an electric wheelchair and requires round-the-clock care, has ridden with RDA since the age of five. Throughout his life, Max has received a range of treatments, including intensive physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and even Botox injections; but he finds the positive physical impact of riding on his mobility to be unique.

Livi and Giles who make up part of the team, have volunteered with RDA since early 2016 and have witnessed the incredible physical and mental benefits riding provides for those with disabilities as well as the barriers RDA breaks down and the supportive communities it builds across the country.

In the months leading up to the 12 day ascent to Everest Base Camp, the team will undertake a rigorous training regime and many fundraising activities. Max will be riding a Nepalese horse, with his team walking alongside. We believe a climb of this nature is a world first with the challenges faced by Max likely to push his endurance, perseverance and stamina to the limit.

The logistics of the trip are being developed with the support of Gavin Bates (Adventure Alternative).

What Max is trying to achieve is one of the most ambitious challenges I have ever been a part of. It is a truly inspirational story, with a whole team of supporters coming together to help Max reach Everest.
— Carl Reason, Zedmill

All of the donations will be used to build a new national training centre for RDA UK in Warwickshire. The centre will train both volunteers and allow thousands more riders access the benefits of riding.