You can make a difference

Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) enriches the lives of people with disabilities through horse riding and carriage driving. Through a network of around 500 volunteer groups throughout the UK, RDA provides opportunities for therapy, achievement and enjoyment, improving health, wellbeing and self-confidence, and benefiting mobility and co-ordination.


25,000 disabled adults and children benefit from riding or carriage driving with RDA

RDA is supported by 18,000 dedicated volunteers

RDA has 500 volunteer groups all over the UK

3,500 horses and ponies are involved in RDA activities


RDA is reliant on voluntary help, donations and legacies to deliver its services.

Please support us on this project to help more people access the benefits or RDA.


Donate your time by volunteering at your local RDA Centre. RDA would not be possible without its volunteers. Become a part of that community.  


We are looking for patrons to offer support and services to our challenge to help us get to the finish line. There are so many ways that you can help.